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© 2023 by Smith Robotics.

Smith Robotics Ltd is a small business in Didcot. We are professional, agile and innovative, and believe we are at the forefront of the green tech and agri-tech sectors. Here at Smith Robotics, we focus on helping teams with design, development, and updates of electronics products for a range of industries. Working with innovators just starting out with a great idea, through to FTSE 100 companies needing help updating designs, we are here to help navigate the process of electronics development.

We also have a range of industry partners that we can utilise in large scale manufacturing, and mechanical design to enable your business to achieve your requirements. We also have internal designs, pushing the boundaries of environmental monitoring for regenerative farming and forestry.


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© 2023 by Smith Robotics.


© 2023 by Smith Robotics.

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© 2023 by Smith Robotics.


Where the circuit becomes a reality, printed circuit board is a key feature of our services. Making a PCB, even a simple one can hugely increase the quality of a product or prototype, enable cheaper manufacturing, and have a solid and reliable baseline for testing out your idea. If you already have a PCB that works, we can review, modify and improve upon older designs to maximise the effectiveness of your product.


A key stage in the electronic design process is building the circuit. Whether you have a design that requires a part change, a review to a current design and a move to something more manufacturable at scale, or even a design from the ground up based purely off a description, we can design the circuit for you. With a library of components and circuit layouts proven to work, our process is smooth and lowers costs by getting a better design early on.


There is nothing that quite replicates the feeling of holding your idea in your hands, and that’s the key to prototyping. We always push to prototype for a number of reasons, it can be used to convince investors, you can use them to start product testing with the target audience, and you can fit test designs with the mechanical aspect. We can guide you through the process of getting small quantities designed and built to suit what your project needs.

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