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Meet The Team

© 2023 by Smith Robotics.


Electronic Engineer

Katie Smith - Director & Project Manager

© 2023 by Smith Robotics.



Project Manager

Ryan Smith - Director/Founder & Electronic Engineer

Founded in July 2022, we noticed that there was a gap in the market for an affordable alternative to traditional design houses, that was able to get prototypes designed and built, and move that process through to a minimum viable product and beyond.
Based on years of experience in the aerospace and defence sector, with a strong background in freelancing, our founder, Ryan Smith, took the leap to start Smith Robotics in October 2022 to work with clients who needed that experience to get their idea off the ground.
Starting out with agricultural technology in a vineyard, creating mechanical keyboards for a Spanish company and building prototype model rocket controllers for an Australian client, Smith Robotics continues to grow, and gain experience that can help your business grow.

Currently Smith Robotics is focusing on Agri-Tech, through an Innovate UK grant, we have been able to start our own project, looking into agriculture and how we can help. Smith Robotics is currently in the phase of creating their own Agri-Tech sensors, we believe we are at the forefront of the green tech and agri-tech sectors. Check out IoTree Technology to find out more (as well as our blog!). 

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