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Bat Detectors

You may have seen we have recently become the supplier of the new bat detectors made by Phil Atkin, known as the PippyG and the PiPistrelle!


The handheld bat detector, offering features that can detect and analyse bat calls through automatic scanning, allowing for effortless 'eyes to the skies' operations. This detector can be connected to an external speaker, with an audio output over a headphone socket.

With the LEDs on it, you can use it for bat walks as a detector or as a time expansion detector.


This is a more stripped back version of the PiPistrelle, using a class compliant USB microphone out of the box. This has the ability to record 384kHz/16-bit wavs to a MicroSD card, producing high quality audio files. The PippyG is powered by 3 AA batteries and has a runtime of 4 to 7 days!

We have had so many pre-orders, which we have now made our way through, and our official shop for these is open!


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