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🦗 Bush crickets in central London with our PiPistrelle! 🦗

🌆 So this weekend we had an interesting example of a deployment. A PiPistrelle in passive detector mode in Southeast London. A fairly built up area, a few hundred meters from a decent sized green space, but plenty of trees locally, and lots of examples of small animals on a short night time walk. The device was placed under an eve, on a dry night, perched on a bin!

🦇 The results were surprisingly varied for the area, with Plenty of Common Pipistrelles being recorded in echolocation call, with a fair amount of Soprano Pipistrelles similarly. The exciting bit was a few recordings of the Common pip in a feeding buzz and social call! The probability was a bit low, so a few more nights of data would be useful, but would imply there are great feeding spots locally.

🦗 Plus, a good result with multiple calls from bush-crickets of all things! With examples highlighted as both the Great Green Bush-cricket, and the Roesel's Bush-cricket. It will be exciting to see if we can get more devices out in the area, with #London having a surprising amount of wildlife initiatives.

All this data can be caught using our #PiPistrelle and #PippyG in passive recorder mode. Visit our website for more information, and buy one!


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